Online Gadget Strategy

A business decides that they are going to use the stopwatch technology to assist their employees, they need to review the strategic objectives of the firm. This type of review ensures that they are always aligned with the fundamental objectives that brought them to the table rather than looking towards alternative sources of productivity. If a firm is very clear about why they are following a certain route in terms of the usage of the online stopwatch, then it is relatively easy for that firm to overcome the bottlenecks that will affect the project from time to time.

The stakeholders within the process must never been forgotten in the haste to implement an online stopwatch project. These are the people who will be using the technology and it is only fair that they have their say. Of course there is a limit to the democratization process because some of the ideas being suggested might be unsuitable for the general direction that the firm wants to take. Employees can generally give their own perspective on the prospects of the stopwatch but they cannot take responsibility for making the final decision as to whether the project goes ahead. Their role is limited to highlighting the potential dangers that they envisage affecting the stopwatch project. It is not always easy to discuss the online stopwatch with employees who might have suspicions that it has been brought into play in order to control them. However one has to consider that the online stopwatch will be ultimately good for business. Anything that can encourage it is much welcome from both sides of the aisle. It is not necessary that that the employees have to completely buy into the notion of the online stopwatch as part of the developmental activities. However what they have to consider are the implications of not having the stopwatch technology in place.

At the end of the day the stopwatch technology might end up being actually useful to the general employee population because it removes any ambiguity about the delivery of services on time. The employees can use it as a performance management defense that other people in similar situations have been able to use the technology effectively in order to improve the prospects of the company. Although the online stopwatch monitors, it also provides proof of the activities that the person has been able to undertake within a given period of time. This has to be the basis of any performance management initiatives that could be considered conducive to the overall scheme.

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